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There is so much power in these words. You look beautiful today. I feel happy for the rest of the day when somebody treats me with this in the morning!

Our beauty and youth make us strong and confident. It’s our self-defense in this fragile world. We sleep better, we better communicate, we are full of energy and fun. Because of we


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  • Individual approach to every condition you have
  • Established beauty business
  • No laser, no injections
  • Real natural long last treatments
  • You will look beautiful ALWAYS
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Skin care regimens
for concrete results
reveal your beauty
Advanced skin care solutions
base on active ingridients

All skin treatments include Face, Neck, Décolletage and exfoliation, deep cleansing and manual extractions to remove clogged pores and blackheads. 
Unique integrated approach to the treatments to the following conditions: skin scaling and dryness, wrinkles and age spots, enlarge capillaries and rosacea, blackheads, acne and acne scars, sensitive skin and photo ageing, milia…

About Me

My name is Irina, I am a qualified skin therapist and State Manager for HL Professional Cosmetics (Holy Land Cosmetics) with many years of experience.

Through many years of experience, I have developed exclusive techniques of the facial treatments. I offer customised and unique treatments for each client. Comprehensive skin consultation that will target the skin’s specific needs, concerns and determine the desired goals, along with accurate training on the proper use of the products at home. I have the knowledge, training and understanding of the active ingredients and how they complement each other, how to combine products correctly and for whom they are best suited. I advise every client in details about his/her type of skin and give step by step instructions for skin care at home.

Visiting our busy beauty salon in Elsternwick you get not the only ideal treatment for your skin type with desired results from the facial treatment, but you also receive properly composed home skin care protocol to enhance the results of the facial treatment in my salon. Every face is unique at Face Boutique by Irina. 

I believe that homecare is paramount. It is my professional obligation to recommend a product, which intends to your skin care issues. Imagine if you went to a doctor and he or she did not give you a recommendation or if he or she did not write the prescription out for you. What would you do? You would probably go somewhere else until you have the right thing that you perceive that you needed.

Over the many years working in the beauty industry, I have learned that as a professional I need to clarify to my clients the importance and the function of the key actives in the products used in salon treatment and at home. I believe my clients need to feel well informed. I use unique professional HL Cosmetics, which I recommend for home use.

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