Application Of Topical Vitamins


Outside-In Skin Nutrition Though The Application Of Topical Vitamins

Topical  vitamins  are  the  most  effective  way  to complement those vitamins we get through nutrition and oral supplements. It is well known that vitamins play a very important role for a healthy body and this  is reflected on our skin as well. The vitamins we get from  fruits  and  vegetables  nourish  from  within  yet only a very small amount actually reaches the skin.

When we apply vitamin  topically, directly onto the skin, we can nourish the skin from the outside-in more intensely and the benefits are faster and longer lasting.

By refilling our body’s vitamin reservoirs via the epidermis, we actually help to better protect from extrinsic aging process. The cutaneous damage as a result of external factors is delayed because we are fortifying our body’s outermost and first defense against free radicals caused by external factors like pollution and UV radiation.

5 Best Vitamins For A Beautiful Skin

Vitamin A is recognized as one of the strongest and most important antioxidants, which protect our bodies from harmful oxidizing effects of free radicals. It is important for an effective skin cell differentiation process and renewal, in keeping the skin soft and smooth, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and preserves skin’s firmness and elasticity. Moreover, it is able to repair accumulated damage  following exposure to the sun and balances problem prone skin.

Vitamin  B complex is vital for maintaining normal function of the skin and slowing the aging process. They counteract damage caused by free radicals, help maintain a softer, smoother skin with less dryness and  flakiness of the epidermis.

Vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant it holds an important role in the skin’s protection from sun

damage as well as free radicals damage. In addition, it serves as a catalyst for the production of collagen and disrupts the melanin synthesis process creating a healthy looking and luminous tone.

Vitamin E known to be an extremely effective lipid- soluble antioxidant that neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals, generated by sun exposure and environmental pollutants, one of the leading causes of premature skin aging. It also improves skin hydration, minimizes trans-epidermal water loss as it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function, softens texture as well as minimizes the depth and length of fine lines.

Vitamin F is a complex of essential fatty acids that help strengthen skin cell walls, nourish and have anti- inflammatory properties. In addition they are essential for the maintenance of the skin barrier function increasing skin’s resistance to external stress, soothe rough texture, bestow suppleness and a youthful appearance to the skin.

Multi Vitamin

The proper functioning of the skin is affected by essential vitamins with key roles in maintaining its health and slowing the aging process. For our skin vitamins are essential for building collagen and elastin, for the production of new skin cells and to protect against free radicals.

With age, in combination with exposure to environmental factors such as sunlight, air pollution, smoking, unbalanced diet, etc., the skin’s structure is compromised, and becomes wrinkled, with a dry texture and dull looking. The need for effective formulations enriched with essential vitamins and actives prompted HL Cosmetics leading professional cosmetics brand, to develop MULTIVITAMIN – a unique treatment series based on plant extracts that provide the skin with moisture and nutrients to return its natural glow and essential vitamins A, B, C, E, F, H complex encapsulated to increase activity and maintain them fresh.

The vitamins work synergistically to slow down the skin’s aging process and improve the firmness and elasticity.

In Practice

The complex of vitamins, stored in millicapsules in especially high concentrations, nourishes, hydrates and slows the aging process to bestow a smooth texture, radiant and healthy.

The Result

  • Slows down the skin aging process
  • Reduces and smoothes fie lines
  • Enhances and strengthens firmness and elasticity
  • Increases skin’s moisture levels
  • Improves skin texture

Target Audience

The range is intended for a wide audience, especially for complexions showing initial signs of aging.

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