Lemon Works Well For Reducing Scars

Lemon Juice Works Well for Reducing Scars

Throughout life we are going to get knocked and hurt in various ways and sometimes if the damage is particularly bad or we pick at the scab of a cut, we can get scars which can last up to a lifetime. Scars are not a pretty sight and they can make some people very self-conscious about their skin, forcing them to hide up and cover the imperfections. However, with the right methods and techniques, scars can be healed and reduced, bringing back your natural, smooth-looking skin. The skin may scar for many reasons and one of the more common reasons why individuals come looking for an answer to scaring is acne. Acne affects a lot of children and adults globally and it is an embarrassing and prevalent issue. It can not only lead to bullying during younger years but it can also have after-effects which entail vicious scarring and skin damage. If the child had experienced a severe case, they may need some professional assistance. To help you understand scarring and how it can be treated, this article will explore the ways in which lemon juice is being used to reduce scars and revitalize scar-damaged skin.

What are Scars?

Scars are essentially little marks that are formed during the healing process of a cut or scrape and they can be affected by a variety of factors. The reason that they tend to form is the result of the protein in your body and how it is used to bind your skin. The protein is known as Collagen and it is this protein which can cause the raised, thick look of a scar. A lot comes into play during the formation of scars. Your age, heredity, and ethnicity can all play a role in the development of scars and it is important to know that they tend to get thicker and more prominent as you age, making it a priority to reduce them sooner rather than later. Another critical point to make is that scars are permanent and, although they can be reduced, they cannot be removed completely. As previously stated, if you are looking for smooth, natural-looking skin, lemon juice may be your answer.

Why Lemon?

Lemon juice was first found to be effective during the treatment of acne and it is believed that it is effective for scarring because of the enriched vitamins that it contains. In particular, lemons are particularly rich in vitamin C, a natural remedy for better looking and healthier skin. Vitamin C has always proven to be an effective remedy when it came to damaged and unhealthy skin/tissue, particular during the ages of pirates and scurvy – a skin and body tissue condition formed through a lack of vitamin C. In addition to skin and scar healing, lemons, in general, are great for antibacterial purposes and it is for this reason why they are used in drinks and others ointments when you are sick. You’ll often see lemon infused cough sweets because lemon has been seen to soothe the throat and make you feel better.

In terms of scarring, lemons are a great way to reduce their look and, overall, make you feel better about your appearance. This is because lemons and the vitamin C that they contain can help promote the production of collagen, which in turn, flattens and smooths out the scar making it less noticeable. The antibacterial properties of the vitamin clean and neutralizes the skin, encouraging the production of new skin cells which bind and leave you with softer, newer skin. Furthermore, because lemon juice has been seen to bleach material, it also becomes effective at hiding the skin discoloring, further hiding the scar from eager eyes. Citric acid will also tighten the skin and leave you with a smoother and shinier look. As you can clearly see, lemon and scars go hand-in-hand and when applied and used properly, lemons can be an effective treatment for scarring.

How do you Apply Lemon to Scars?

In most cases, the most effective way to apply lemon to the scarred area is through the juice or a paste. However, before you go ahead and cape yourself in lemon – which is an acidic product – you need to test yourself to see if you don’t react in a bad way. When testing to see if your skin is able to withstand the citric acid, apply a few drops of lemon juice to your wrist and wait. If you do not feel any itching or irritating you are probably good to go. Some people like to apply pure lemon juice to the area but the more recommended way is to combine the effects of the lemon juice with other substances, which not only make the process more effective but it also thickens up the substance, leading to a better bind.

Pure Lemon Juice

If you are looking to go the traditional way and strictly use lemon, it is good to prepare your skin for the treatment. Clean the area that is scarred and remove any harmful bacteria. This will ensure that you are not in pain when you are treating the damage. Lemon is acidic so it may be good to identify any cuts or scrapes near the area otherwise you may let out a little scream if the lemon juice happens to touch it.  Apply the lemon juice with a cotton bud and let it dry for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the process is uncomfortable and you will feel a tightening of the skin as your pours narrow – this is perfectly normal. Make sure to wash the face with warm water and wear sun cream if you are planning to go out in the sun after because the lemon juice will make you more sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Lemon and Honey Mixtures

You may have heard of lemon and honey as being an effective remedy for sore throats, but did you know that the two can also lead to healthier skin, including the reduction of scar tissue. In fact, lemon and honey are one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to reducing scarring. As already mentioned, the lemon will be the primary agent to reduce the scarring through the application of vitamin C and its cell building properties, whereas the honey is great for locking in the moisture, maintaining hydration and promoting softer, younger looking skin.


Scarring is something that can be very embarrassing and can ruin your self-confidence. The fact that scarring gets worse as you grow older is something that tends to concern a lot of people and the additional idea that they’re permanent scares people more so. However, although there is no way to actually get rid of scars they can be reduced using lemon juice. Lemon juice has always been a traditional method for reducing scarring and through the ages, it has been combined with other substances like honey to give added effects. Lemon juice is so easy to get your hands on and is dead cheap, which also saves you money from buying the expensive lotions and creams that are sold in shops. With the right techniques and with a little bit of patience, your scars can be hidden from view. Hopefully, this article has been helpful.

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